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Photo Album
The Master's Servants Gospel Quartet

Get to know us. Here is some pictures that will enable you to pick us out and introduce yourself to us. We would love to get to know you and extend a friendly Christian hello. Please also visit our "About Us" page to get to know more about each one of us.

Take a look at the guys. Come by and tell us hello at one of our concerts.

Ky. State fair second place - 2000=240 pixels wide

Singing at Farm Bureau picnic after second place finish in 2000 competition.

Master's Servants at Victory Christian Church: Actual size=180 pixels wide

At Victory Christian in Lancaster, Ky.

From the past. Oh how time flies.

Early days as trio with Phyllis at piano=240 pixels wide

Early days as a trio with phyllis at the piano.

First edition quartet with Phyllis singing=240 pixels wide

First edition of quartet with Phyllis singing. Dick, Delmer, Phyllis, Curtis, and Bill.

Second edition quartet Delmer, Bob, Curtis, Bill during Cheistmas=240 pixels wide

Second edition of quartet. Delmer, Bob, Curtis, and Bill singing during Christmas at Southside C.C. Harrodsburg, Ky.

Third edition of The Master's Servants at 1997 State Fair competition - 3rd place

Third edition of The Master's Servants. Bill, Dean, Bob, and Delmer at the Farm Bureau competition at Ky State Fair in 1997. Finished Third.

Bill, Greg Warren, Bob, and Delmer at 100th anniversary Lancaster Meth. Church

Filling in at times of need. Bill, Greg Warren, Bob, and Delmer singing at the 100th year anniversary of Lancaster United Methodist Church. One of the many times Greg filled in at the lead during personel changes of the group. Greg did a great job when he could fit it into his schedule.